Cargo Nets

Over 75% of our business comes from repeat customers or referrals. We work harder for our customers, and we would like to think that it shows.

That’s because DFW Camper Corral carries a large variety of products for every style of personal, recreational and business vehicle on the road today. And if we don’t have it in the store when you visit, we can get it for you.


Cargo nets do more than just hold stuff. They provide security when towing bulky loads, prevent sudden load shifts, and protect your vehicle from scratches.


Highland is the leader in cargo management and vehicle protection products, dedicated to helping motorists safely load, anchor, secure, tow, carry, trailer and organize cargo. From Highland’s aluminum ramps and cargo organizers to fat strap bungees and cargo securing products, Highland products are manufactured to quality standards designed to exceed every expectation.

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spidy-gear-bed-webb_sgb_black_main1Our patented design uses Mother Nature’s web shape to secure even and uneven loads quickly and with style. Quickly secure your cargo in the bed area of your pickup with a spider-like web. Constructed from heavy duty 6mm stretch cord with stainless steel center rings for extra strength. Available in 4 colors.

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